Make your own Essential Oils right at home. All of our stills can distill oils. We recommend our most popular still for oil, and bestseller, the 4 inch pot still with the Essential Oil basket.

Our Alchemist Reflux can distill oils and also flavor alcohol. It comes with an essential oil basket. The Extension is large enough to easily pack in your botanicals such as: LAVENDER, CEDAR, ROSEMARY, VERBENA, CITRUS, OREGANO, MINT.

We have sold to many farms, it is easy to run, and will last you a lifetime.
Alternative Uses:

Effusion lamp candles can be burnt with alcohol and oils together. Also you can make fuel for your car called Ethanol. Ethanol is straight alcohol that can be denatured with a little gasoline (to prevent people from drinking). Alcohol stove cooking fuel can be made for clean burning backpack stoves.

We can sell you adapters for many different size ferrules. We sell a deluxe boiler as well, with 4-inch glass or metal plate clean outs and spigots to empty and fill, and use as temperature gauge.
You can use both electric and propane at the same time for faster heating. Keg boilers are easy to clean. They are inexpensive and durable.