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Alchemist Copper Still, Moonshine Still, Alcohol Still, Vodka Still, Infusions, Absolutes by Rainier Distillers
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My Alchemist 2-inch Copper Still is not just an average column still, it is a Forced Reflux Still! This means you can adjust the reflux and the cooling. The Alchemist tower is not just a regular column still – at all! You can manipulate through cooling management (meaning you can manipulate the cooling of the coils), and you can adjust the reflux ratio with the tap. Also, It is a Hybrid Still (noun),  a still that is capable of distilling either as a column still or if the column is bypassed, as a pot still.

We make by hand the 2, 3, and 4-inch size of our Alchemist Copper Moonshine Still. These Stills specialize in high proof alcohol. These come with boilers that are electrical, and they come in 15, 50 and 100-gallon tanks or boilers. You can just take out the elements and cover the holes with caps to use over propane or wood fire. All these sizes work the same but produce different outputs.

The 2-inch produces a min. of one-gallon per hour of product. A 3-inch will do 3-5 gallons an hour, and a 4-inch will do 7 gallons + an hour. It is a copper reflux still, a compound still. They also can be taken apart- and made into a pot still. We also sell basic traditional pot stills in a 2, 3 and 4-inch size.

This still, which I call The Alchemist can even be an essential oil extractor. All you do is add on an essential oil extractor. With this extractor, you can also make infusions to your alcohol with herbs, spices, flowers etc.

Effusion lamp candles can be burnt with alcohol and oils together. Also you can make fuel for your car called Ethanol. Ethanol is straight alcohol that can be denatured with a little gasoline (to prevent people from drinking). Alcohol stove cooking fuel you can make- for backpack stoves- that burn clean. See my video blog how I cooked during a 10 day power outage here in Yelm.

Here is my moonshine still tower. Please treat it like lab Equipment. This comes with thermometer, hoses, copper mesh, clamps and gaskets. All you need to do is put it on your boiler, connect the hoses, put in your wash and plug the power cord into the wall. It is that easy.

We also sell Distilling boilers. They are stainless steel and come in many sizes.

If you want the job done, this is your Moonshine Still. This moonshine still is is functional and designed for high proof & fast runs. No sexy windows or 17th century design, just a pure copper Reflux tower.

We also sell extensions, the higher the moonshine still, the cleaner the product and the higher the proof! This moonshine still 2-inch, has three extensions and is a ten foot still. A four-inch still puts out 10x the amount a 2-inch puts out.

(A pot still makes whiskey, rum and brandy. A reflux still, can make vodka or high proof ethanol.)

Our Copper Alchemist Moonshine Stills all come with option of electric or non electric keg boilers- we also make ourselves. OR you can put these copper moonshine towers on boilers you have, milk cans or pots. We can also sell you adapters for different size ferrules. We sell a deluxe boiler as well, with 4-inch glass or metal plate cleanouts and spigots to empty and fill, and use as temperature gauge. You can use both electric and propane at the same time for faster heating. Keg boilers are easy to clean, we have a video. They are cheaper also and hardier. You fill in your favorite recipe wash (we have recipes on our blog) and plug the heating element in a wall.

Here is a photo of one of our copper reflux stills, disassembled to make a pot still. This will produce around 3 gallons an hour.