The Alchemist is a HYBRID Still. It is also a Liquid Management, or Forced Reflux Still. It is not a basic column.

I have over 100 videos on youtube, everything from assembly to distilling, and manuals and HOW TO’s in my blog and on the internet. We sell this two inch diameter Copper Moonshine Still as electric, non electric, with essential oil basket/vodka infusion and tower alone. You can vary the boiler and have it be a deluxe or just one with a glass cleanout.

-This is created for those who wish to do small batches. Small batch means anywhere from a gallon plus- an hour.

The difference between this still and other stills, is that other stills either do pot still or do reflux. I have incorporated both in one. Reflux means you can double or triple distill your mash.. in one run. This is done by adjusting the liquid management tap . This Alchemist Copper Moonshine still comes with a double helix condensing coil. Most stills use single condenser coils.

You can also use as a pot still by disengaging the reflux. That means turning the tap fully open and do not use the extension.

Pot still means this moonshine still can make whiskey, rum and brandy. When you engage the reflux you can make vodka or ethanol.

For those that wish to make distilled water its a simple process. By filling the pot with tap water and running the still at normal. This would be a good beginners lesson in using this moonshine still.

This two inch still tower, sold alone as well, will fit on any pot, milk can or keg boiler, that has a two inch ferrule.

The 2 inch is good for beginners, small batches, small space, novice distillers