Copper Condenser coils in 2, 3 and 4 inch diameters. The condenser is the heart of the still. They vary in size but always have a double helix copper coil in the center, all vapors that form during the boiling of the wash condenses against the cooling coils and turns into a liquid. Each coil increases the surface area of water cooled copper to create more condensation.

Why all copper for the moonshine stills

You might have noticed the reflux column the condenser, product cooler and even the column packing all constructed from copper.  The main reason is copper acts as a catalytic to reduce some unwanted compounds like sulfur. This is the main reason copper is used in all big distilleries.

The cleaning of copper tube coils

The unwanted compounds like sulfur attaches to the pure copper. You will see this as a black tarnish on the copper. To clean this, place one tablespoon of citric acid into one gallon of lukewarm water for 15 to twenty minutes You will notice that the copper comes back to its shiny state. Then to neutralize use baking soda. One teaspoon to a gallon of lukewarm water. You can leave this overnight