These products are used for packing for your distillation column.

The two options we sell here are copper mesh and ceramic raschig rings.

We recommend the rolled copper mesh for a few reasons. The copper mesh that we use is 100% copper, so it will be removing unwanted flavors and sulphurs from the fermentation or wash. You can see the copper change color as you use your still, the roll at bottom of the extension with change to a brown color which you can clean as well.

The copper mesh also will increase the abv. The reason for a spike in abv. is the added reflux. The extra surface area creates more places for the vapor to condense and trickle back down to be re-evaporate. This added purification is important for neutral spirits such as vodka.
We also sell rashig rings which have a similar outcome. They are good for the re-evaporation action, but they do not draw out the sulfates like the copper.