Rainier Distillers Services

Our waiting time is about 2-8 weeks for Moonshine Stills to be built. Longer for larger moonshine stills. We also sell Pot Stills. Anything small and handmade there will be a little wait, maybe 1-2 weeks. I am available for phone calls to discuss goals and your ideas. Also I can help with anything in the future after purchasing. Repairs, advice, and Tips.

We also do repairs and welding on any moonshine stills you might have or boilers you may want to refurbish. I write articles every now and again. We also have or can send you to someone, parts for the do it yourself. Parents at home, you can teach your kids about distilling their own backyard as in flowers and herbs.

We have manuals, how to videos, blogs and I have written many articles online about Distilling. Please also check our photos account. I have so many articles about distilling online that you have to just search my blog for. I also give resources to get your free Federal Permit from TTB.gov for alcohol fuel.