Customer Testimonials

Award-Winning Stills

American Distilling Institute (ADI) announced another award-winning vodka, made with our 4″ still / 4″ pot still – Distillery set-up. A Silver Medal to Cowlitz River Distillery – for its Smokey Valley Vodka. Order some today!

One of the distilleries we set up, won the Bronze Medal Award for the category of Clear Moonshine at the 2014 ADI Conference in Seattle.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from a Fireman Craft Distiller for the Copper Pot Still: 2-inch w 15-gallon keg boiler: “I just want to thank you for your great products and helping us with distilling alcohol. We made 2.5 gallons at about 134 proof in 6 hours. (It was still distilling, but after 6 hours and the output was down to a trickle, we cut it off) This has been our best effort yet. The secret was finding a yeast that produced a high amount of alcohol in the mash was the trick. We had a quart of alcohol every 24 minutes on average. Thanks again”

“I am the proud owner of a column still you built three years ago.
I would now like to purchase a four-inch pot still head for this 50-gallon still.”
~ Redhand Distillery in WA State

“What an honor! You are part of the connection of enabling others to work with Earth, air, fire, water and metals. I love it! I would love if you visited sometime. It’s important for people to see they don’t need acres of farm but can use the herbs in their own yard to make oils and cellular flower water, aka Hydrosols. Thank you so much for everything!”
~ Rebekah (The Lavender Willow)

“Things have really taken off with my oil business and I wanna say that I am grateful for the product that has been provided and works great for me. It’s opened a lot of doors for me and people really like the still when they see it, they always are curious about the design.”

Testimonial on the Weed Witch Herbal Extractor: “I am very happy with my W.W. kit. I have learned much, and improved my health considerably. Thank you very very much. C”

“I have been using the Weed Witch for almost a year and have made concentrated tinctures in less than day. Full on medicinal power it’s blowing the traditional tincture method away. Skeptics will be talking and I’ll be enjoying the fruits of my labor.” 4/15

Customer Review of Essential Oils Still: “Sh*t ya u wouldn’t believe how much oil I’ve gotten out of this still: gallons and gallons. I recommended getting two extra copper modulars to increase production x2″

‘Made gold finally. ‘Figured it out. Dry ice pellets in the hot pot at the end freezes the subject from 172°F to below zero instantly. That stops the process that turns subject dark. What I’m getting looks like liquid gold metal. It can probably be done with nitrogen. It must be done as soon as possible at the ending bell. I choose dry ice pellets over nitrogen for the whole process. It’s safer, less expensive to transport, and partially recoverable. Also discovered that if I stack the steel on top of the glass, and fill it 1/3 full of pellets, when I fill the cold alcohol to the top, and cap the top with a washer in place, and hold the cap down with (gloved) hand pressure, the pressure inside builds, and literally blasts the alcohol through under sub zero pressure. The alcohol comes out green free and fizzing a clear golden color. Towards the end of the last pour, I clamp the cap. The warmer temp of alcohol by then (from -55F up to -25F) creates more CO2 to drive the rest of the alcohol from the glass. At -15F, I move the extractor, but I capture until the last drip to save the alcohol. The resulting garbage is mostly wax, turpentine, varnish, chlorophyl, bug shit, and tannin. The dry ice remaining goes back into the chest…. Wow! What an education. I’m beholden to you brother.” 7/31/2014

“Just received and opened up the large parrots, they’re incredible, beautiful!
Amazing work! Thanks so much for putting them together for us.” ~ James

Seminar Testimonials

“I enjoyed my visit to your class Tuesday. You are very informative and everyone is very professional.
I learned a lot, and I will be back soon to learn more. Thank you very much!” ~ John

“I learned so much in this class and afterwords.
Anyone who can get up there and attend these classes,
will not be disappointed at all. Thank you so much.”