Why do we use kegs for distilling boilers? Some home distillers use milk cans; others use pots or barrels. We have found that new or used beer kegs are a more cost-efficient unit for distilling, and therefore can pass the savings on. The kegs we use are 14 or 16-gauge Stainless Steel, meaning that they are durable without being overly heavy. Our team can modify these kegs to no end, common modifications include: a four-inch clean out, heating elements, drains, fill ports, pressure release valves, and hose connections. We would love to work with you on designing your perfect still.

To make cleaning easier we suggest welding a four-inch ferrule to the top of the keg and a four-inch clean out on the side of the keg, so now you have two points of entry to clean the keg. You can order a keg with clean out from us, or even a window clean out kit. If you do not have clean out, you go to car wash and use a high-pressure hose.

On this page you will find finished boiler options along with kits. The kit option is excellent if you have your own keg and TIG welder. Just remember to release the pressure before modifying kegs!

We will retrofit your used keg, if provided, but currently we only provide new kegs. They are easy to repair if anything happens.