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We sell this two-inch diameter Copper Moonshine Still as electric, non electric, with essential oil basket / vodka infusion and tower alone. You can vary the boiler and have it be a deluxe or just one with a glass cleanout.

Comes with two (2) extensions. In case you see photos of it with three, it is sold with two, but you can always order the extension separately. Here is a customer video, of running this still, he did a gallon-and-half of Lavender Oil for his client. Comes in 2', 4', 6' and 8-foot. Call me. The condenser is on a uni joint so it can be swiveled. The Manual is HERE.

This is a one-gallon version of The Witch Herbal Extraction Still. People have said they have done a day of extraction and it has paid for the unit! Comes with 18 pieces including one-gallon electrical pot, electric control panel, copper mesh, Alchemist tower, thermometers, and more.

Distillery Kits include 4-inch pot still, 4-inch Alchemist tower, 50-gallon boiler and 100-gallon boiler. They are electrical, 2x 5500 and 3x 5500-watt. Price: $10,900.00 for Pick-up or add $920 extra for insured shipping within the continental USA.


Purity comes from a direct connection with Nature...

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How can Rainier Distillers help you?

  • Are you looking for a moonshine still?
  • Are you a lavender farm that wants to
    make an herbal extraction or tincture?
  • Do you want to start a home business?
    Are you a micro distillery in need of a set-up?
  • Are you a race car driver looking for alternative sources for ethanol?
  • Are you a prepper interested in making alcohol in times of survival?
  • Do you need clean, radiation-free water for your community?
  • Do you want to support local farmers,
    and get back to the source and nature?
  • Are you a canna-business or 502?

"Once you start distilling, you learn a craft, and no matter what happens in the world,
it’s a craft that will have value, and one that you can pass on."

Buy Stills at Rainier Distillers ShopMy Dream Customer is someone who believes they cannot, but does it anyways and finds out they can! And then they go and teach someone... that is a gift that keeps on giving. Those are the results I want to give. Taking a liquid, turning it into a vapor and then back into a liquid. That is all you need to know.

To Purchase a Still, you can browse through our Shopping Cart. We have How-To Articles in our Blog, and in the Resources section, also watch step-by-step Videos and see detailed Photos of all our products. Read our manuals. See our tests results. See me on TV and in magazine articles. I have a weekly Live Ustream as well, if you want to interact with questions. I can give you projects. We have Skype and Google Hangout.

Please ask us questions. Call us for a free quote. We sell Distillation Equipment and we can customize your projects. We ship Stills all around the world, we are an online-only store.


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